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According to Hockey Canada, over 300,000 played minor hockey in 2009, with even more playing local recreation leagues, and more than that playing hockey on the local pond.

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Feel better with Vasayo and Giveaway for Hockey Moms

Jul 30, 2017

It’s time for another giveaway, Hockey Moms, and this time it’s for another product I’ve tried and loved. Fellow Hockey Mom, Karrie Kirton, introduced me to Vasayo, a company that produces products made for those with busy lifestyles...

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Be Safe this Hockey Season with Oneiric Base Layer and Aegis Neck Guard – Giveaway

Jul 27, 2017

With August approaching it’s time for many of us to get our kids suited up in protective hockey gear that both fits and keeps our kids safe. As you may know I’m a big fan of Oneiric Hockey, creating easy to use base...

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Stick Handling the Financial Costs of Hockey with World Champion turned Financial Advisor, Brent Tully

Jul 4, 2017

Along with the end of a hockey season comes a need to “clean house” so to speak and get things in order. This is especially true this year as I personally make a transition which includes purchasing a home on my own for myself and my...

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